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ConnectPro Installation Services

Leave setup anxiety in the box.

Getting new technology should be all about fun, not frustration. Let our ConnectPro Experts take care of installing, setting up, and personalizing your new devices, while you concentrate on planning out which cool new feature you’re going to try out first.

We'll get your technology set up just the way you want it, so you’ll enjoy the best experience from your home theatre, computer system, or car audio.

Trained experts.

Our ConnectPro Experts are industry certified and fully trained on how to install, setup, and repair your electronics. We’re constantly learning, testing, and sharing what we know with each other to stay on top of current technologies.


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Connect Pro

1. Our goal is to ensure you are fully satisfied with the services performed by our ConnectPro Experts. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with our service, we'll make every effort to make it right.
2. Future Shop guarantees the workmanship performed by our ConnectPro Experts for the lifetime of the product serviced, provided no additional service work has taken place other than by an authorized ConnectPro Expert. We will correct any material defects in workmanship of the installation services purchased. COMPUTERS: Due to the nature of viruses, spyware, malware, adware and other malicious software, removal and cleaning are not covered under the guarantee. CAR AUDIO: If you sell your vehicle, we will remove the audio system that we installed and re-install your factory equipment at no charge, a great option for lease vehicles.

Car Audio, Computer, and Home Theater Installation with Geek Squad

Installing your new electronics can be a daunting task. With home theater installation, it’s how to mount your TV and speakers, where to run your wires, and what connects to what. Car audio installation requires an understanding of not only the car audio components and how they connect together, but the car itself, too. And, installing a home network and setting up a computer isn’t always as quick and easy as we think. Future Shop’s Geek Squad service takes away the hassle of electronic installations, and sets things up for you so that everything works properly. Our Geek Squad Agents receive expert instruction on home theatre installation, car audio installation, and computer installations, so you’re guaranteed to get the best setup possible.


Home Theater Installation

With today’s advanced high definition displays and devices, installing home theatre equipment isn’t always clear. Our Geek Squad home theater installers get that, and can set the entire home theatre system up for you, from un-boxing your equipment, wall-mounting your display and connecting your components to teaching you how they all work.


Car Audio Installation

Want to soup up that car audio system? No problem—Our Geek Squad car audio installers can do it all for you. With rigorous and extensive expert training, we can easily help you install your car audio system, including a car deck or head unit, amp, your upgraded speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer. Want to install a GPS navigator, security system, satellite radio, or car starter? Geek Squad can do that too. We also offer custom installations to your specifications.


Computer and Network Setup

Having a computer and a seamless wireless network setup makes life easy; setting it up, however, doesn’t. Thankfully, our Geek Squad computer and wireless home network installers know how to get the job done, so you don’t have to. From simply setting up the computer and tailoring your settings, to a full wireless home network setup, our installers can provide you with a home network that works, is fast, and secure, so you can access the net, stream content, and share files from just about anywhere in your home.